about us


Blaw is the brand of your favorite jumper, the one that you have owned for years but will always be in fashion. Blaw is the brand of your beloved pair of trousers, the ones that fit you like a glove and yet are the most comfortable. Blaw is the brand of that shirt that you can wear on any occasion and people still compliment on how well it suits you.
Blaw garments are the ones you chose when you want to be dress like yourself.



We belive that clothes quietly speak about you.

We belive in being unique but in a natural and confident way.

We belive in balance, in a smarter approach to the good life, where healthy life and a beer with friends do match.



Xavi started Blaw with the simple idea of creating the brand he had always envisioned: simple yet modern, with major focus on quality but still affordable, stylish yet an timeless classic.

Blaw was inspired by Xavi’s formative years growing up with his father who worked as a fashion agent. He learned from the very beginning about the importance of heritage in men’s clothing. He quickly started as an apprentice at one of the most well-known fashion stores in Barcelona.

Soon after he decided to become an entrepreneur and started Brandscelona his own fashion showroom where he represented many international brands. As he continued to grow his business he made contact with several textile factories, which offered him the opportunity to work as a manufacturing facilitator for numerous brands.

Finally in 2017 Xavi launched his own label Blaw culminating his lifelong ambition to create a brand in his image, one such that embodies the values and culture he has learned to cultivated throughout his career. It’s all about the mixing of ideas, under-standing heritage and casual clothing.