In honor of life and all the pleasures it brings, both small and large, let's pay tribute to those of us who fully engage in living it. Whether it's relishing food and drink, sharing, dressing however we like, enjoying a cigar, or taking a sunny bike ride through the city, let's celebrate.

Let's celebrate spring, summer, life, and the privilege we all share in being able to enjoy it.



    A rebellious counter movement challenging the established surf culture lies at the very core of Europe’s New Amsterdam Surf Association.

    “New Amsterdam Surf Association represents a certain vibe, it’s for those who don’t require the perfect wave or ideal conditions. It’s for those who like to be challenged.”


    The German brand Birkenstock has been making its famous sandals since 1774 and has since become a global sensation. When you put a pair of Birkenstocks on your feet, you'll notice how supremely comfortable they are. Birkenstocks are made with the highest-quality materials with sustainability as a top priority.


    Patagonia is an American brand specialized in outdoor clothing since 1973. Worldwide known as one of the first sustainable brands, they use environmentally friendly materials and promote safer working conditions practices.