Apricot Cold Confit Jam


Apricot jam made with the Cold Confit technique, which consists of concentrating apricot pulp at low temperatures (40º) and at very low pressures in order not to alter and respect the natural flavor of the fruit by adding the least amount of sugar. The result is a jam with an impressive natural fruit flavor and a very low percentage of added sugars. 

This jam is made with 136g of fruit per 100g

It does not contain gluten.

Net weight: 170 g

Fruit percentage: 136%

Sugar percentage: 15%

100% Ingredients of natural origin.

Ingredients:Apricot, sugar, lemon juice, acidifier: ascorbic acid (E300), thickener: pectin (E440), natural aroma. 

May contain traces of milk and its derivatives.

No dyes or preservatives.

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