ENVÍO GRATUITO para pedidos superiores a 50€ en España peninsular.

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A wish, a project, a reality.

Yes, it can be. It may be that despite the current context, the Blaw family continues to grow, as does Xavi Burgell’s enthusiasm for offering the city of Barcelona a new space where man is the center of all this Universe with its own name: Blaw Store Bruc 22.

If we travel back in time, more than 20 years ago, we see Xavi at the foot of the machine, surrounded by fabrics, yarns, pantoneras, hand-sketched designs, patterns that take the form of blazers, seams and seamstresses.

Xavi’s imagination has always flown very high; So much so, that he came to the US and Japan to fill himself with encouragement and motivation. When a man of passion is not afraid and has at his side a tenacious adventure companion -Anna Vintro, Co-Founder of Blaw Store and with clients like each of you, what happens happens:

The first Blaw Concept Store was born in Barcelona in 2017: a skilled and fundamental masculine cosmos, where art, fashion and gastronomy go hand in hand to satisfy the concern of a cosmopolitan man, lover of the good life, who prefers to enjoy his time and Find everything you need in a single space created exclusively for him.

Today, more than ever united to the people who have made it possible and counting to date with two Blaw locations in Barcelona and one in Madrid, it is the turn of Bruc 22; more than 500 m2 of men’s lifestyle, with a backstage of showroom, office and creation laboratory, where we hope to excite you with everything that is within our reach, that is, yours.

Thanks to all our partners, clients and friends for traveling with us to here.